Envirogreen is proud to announce our newest program, EnviroMosquito! Mosquitoes are a nuisance, and pose a threat to your family and pets by carrying dangerous diseases from host to host. They have even been classified as the most lethal animal in the world by the World Health Organization due to their role in spreading Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Encephalitis. While the risk of contracting Malaria in the U.S. are particularly low, mosquitoes still leave behind an irritating rash which can ruin your outdoor event.

The first step in eliminating these pests begins with an Envirogreen professional applying a mosquito control solution around your home and yard. In order to maximize effectiveness, our professionals take great care to target the areas where mosquitoes breed, live, and feed, and use a long lasting solution which will continue to kill any mosquitoes that come into contact with the treated areas for up to 45 days (depending on the weather).

We recommend that our clients continue treatment through the entire mosquito season, and have a re-application every 30 days to maintain effectiveness. As part of our service, we will remind you when its time for a new application, and will be sure to notify you after we have treated the area.

Additional Applications

  • Our Mosquito Control Solution works effectively for 45 days, depending on weather conditions
  • We recommend a reapplication every 30 days, through the entire mosquito season, to maintain complete protection for you and your family
  • Envirogreen will notify you when its time for the next application and will leave a note after we have finished the new treatment, so you can have peace of mind.

Let Envirogreen protect your family and pets