EnviroTree and Shrub

With our EnviroTree and Shrub program, our trained horticulturists will custom fit a program to best fit your landscape environment. Our basic program consists of 4 applications.

We start this program off in the cool season with a chemical free treatment of horticulture oils, which targets an insect’s feeding intake, while helping prevent the spread of some viruses.

Following this cool season treatment, we will apply plant protectants to target insects and diseases in both spring and summer.

To stimulate healthy growth of your trees and shrubs, we apply our biological fertilizerOur biological fertilizer was specifically formulated for Envirogreen. It is a more sustainable approach to fertilization, using significant amounts of recycled organic matter that provides essential micro and macro nutrients to increase vegetation growth and productivity. at precisely timed intervals throughout the growing seasons. This will provide essential nutrients to aid in proper tree and shrub development.

Interested in the EnviroTree and Shrub program?