This program starts with 8 treatments per year. Upon lawn analysis by our trained horticulturists, treatments will be custom made for your specific turf type. You will receive precisely timed pre-emergent applications to prevent broadleaf and grassy weeds that may occur throughout the seasons.

Our properly timed biological fertilization treatments, which include significant amounts of organic nutrients, will be applied to your lawn throughout the growing seasons to ensure both the health and aesthetic appeal of your lawn. During your scheduled visits, we will treat any existing weeds that may be present with an appropriate post-emergent control.

With the EnviroTurf program, we strive for complete eradication of weeds. If weeds do arise between scheduled visits, we will treat those weeds at no additional cost.

Additional Applications

  • Upon soil analysis, pH levels may need to be adjusted. We offer additional treatments, such as liming or sulfur, to bring your pH to an optimum level.
  • We offer an insect application that will control insects such as fire ants, fleas, and ticks.
  • Both fungus and disease are being scouted for on each visit. If and when one occurs, we can apply treatment to these problem areas.

EnviroPreferred Plan

Our EnviroPreferred plan offers everything in our standard EnviroTurf plan, plus an annual aeration for 20% off of our standalone EnviroAeration price! Aeration is needed for compacted soils, and allows oxygen and nutrients to enter the root zone to help promote healthier turf.

To learn more about the need for and benefits of aeration, visit our EnviroAeration page.

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